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Freelance Motion Designer

2D for apps, websites & AD's

• Typography in motion
• Logos in motion
• Icons in motion
• Loading screens in motion
• Banners in motion
• Print-campaigns in motion

• Video ratio changes (wide to square)
• Video- / gif optimisation (faster websites)
• Media converting

Deliverables & Payments

Deliverables are final rendered videos, gifs or lottie-files. Open project-files are charged with +30% of the project-volume.

50% upfront payment to start the project or quarter. Second payment by the end of the project or quarter.

Rates per hour

Single jobs: CHF 160
Committed partnership: CHF 90

I'm open for a freelance-partnership with flexible workloads 40—60%

• 36 workdays maximum per quarter
• 24 workdays minimum per quarter
• 4 workdays maximum per week


Professional background and progress


Boring Textures — Creator

I've created animated textures for the animation and motion design community. In the first place, we are using these textures to make motion graphics and illustrations look analogue and scratchy.
If you need animated textures, check out boringtextures.com


OnSaPa™ GmbH — Founder

OnSaPa™ is On The Same Page with people who want to contribute to a planet of harmony and progress. OnSaPa™ guides their partners long-term, strategically and with clarity, so that they can connect their life vision with the work they love.

I founded this company to achieve more with teamwork and clarity.
Currently, I'm working with Bruno from actionpainting.ch — most of our partnership is on remote.


365 days — Running Project

A long-term video project that shows a year-lapse. I captured over 4000 videos by running every day for 365 days. The final video should motivate people to take a step every day to reach big goals.
This is a very rough test after half a year that was promising to move forward. The editing work has to be done frame-by-frame.


Master Imperfection

Every single day, one artwork from start to finish. For me, it's also a mental practice to grow, follow through and deliver on time.
This reel collects 500 artworks in 90s: you can watch every single piece here.


Team Tumult — CoWorking

3 Months co-working at Team Tumult's animation collective. A great opportunity to learn from highly talented people.
I assisted Beni Morard to combine all his animated scenes, so that he could control the glow, color and flickering with one layer in After Effects. Check out teamtumult.ch


takete & maluma UG — Creative Duo

takete & maluma was originally founded to create custom visual content. In 2016, my partner left for a different life challenge. I started freelancing as generalised motion designer and went back to Zurich.
I've worked on post productions for AD's, title designs, motion graphics and art installations.


Bachelor of Arts — Motion Design

The Berliner Technische Kunsthochschule (btk) offered motion design as a bachelor degree. To study it, I moved from Zurich to Berlin and graduated in 2014.
“THE FILM before THE FILM” is a short documentary that traces the evolution of title design through the history of film. This short documentary collects over 200k views.


Freelance — Polygraf

I started freelancing as polygraf (image editor & typography-expert).
Editing images was my favourite job.


Wirz Werbung AG — Polygraf

I was able to join the amazing people at Wirz Werbung.
This is a while ago, but I remember exactly how I've felt: empowered! People at Wirz allowed me from the very first day to be fully involved. Kuoni was my first professional image edit. Mars / Hopp was another big campaign, where I created the mockups and editing before production.


Stage AG — Light Designer

On weekends, I worked in a club doing the light show.
Nobody will come and say "HEY! nice lights.", but it's something people feel when done right :)


DAZ AG — Polygraf

I started an apprenticeship at a printing house. I loved image editing and typography, especially when the work was challenging. It was my first step to be involved professionally in our design community.


I'm grateful to grow my experience in motion.

Audible, Aurora, Bayer, Davos Klosters, Ferrero, Galactic Pictures, Goldener Westen, Klaus Neuser Werbung, Kuoni, Lesara, Lufthansa, Mars, Migros, Momox, Mountain Hotels, Noumia Film, nu3, Otelo, Pharmtrace, Pepsi, Rotor Film, Saxonia, SolyPlus, Studio Canal, Switzers, TeamTumult, Think Moto, TryNoAgency, Velaluqa, Volkswagen, Wirz Werbung, Yooji’s, ZDF.

This is a selection of clients, studios and agencies that shaped my experience along the way. Thank you.